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Fall In Love With
Your Space All Over Again! 

Would you like your living and workspace to feel more...Inspiring, joyous, productive, energized, prosperous?

Do you look forward to spending time in your space or

do you need to get away more often than not?

Let My Flowing Space help you

"Transform your space and Transmute your life!!"

We help you love your living and working space again!




I'm passionate about change, transformation and beautification.

It is my desire to gift my clients   Strength, Health, Beauty and Happiness through my work.

I love empowering others by

creating a positive, and uplifting environment in their space.

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Picure of Linda Velez


Many years ago I was inspired to be a better version of myself. After reading self-help books and attending conferences, I have grown enormously and transformed into the man I am today. 

It is now my turn to support you on your journey of transformation. I love inspiring others by example, leading others to a better version of self.

​Our Wholistic Approach to Upgrade 
Your Mind, Body, Soul and Bank Account!



Weather you need to work on an area of your home or would like to implement the art and science of Feng Shui, 

My Flowing Space is here to make it easy and support your transformation every step of the way

Residential Organizing
$88 Per Hour

In person visit to tackle any specific projects such as your office, closet, bedroom, garage, etc. 

Minimum 3 hours per visit.  

Commercial Organizing
$111 Per Hour

In person visit to tackle any specific projects such as your office, storage space, desk(s), kitchen, etc. 

Minimum 3 hours per visit.  

Feng Shui Consultation

One hour in person or remote consultation, discover how to activate your four best directions. Harness the power to create a successful career, loving and supportive relationships, optimum health and growth in all fields of your life. 

Feng Shui Activation

One hour in person consultation, plus a five hour visit to help you activate your four best directions. Help you move your furniture and do activations for each of your best directions, balancing the flow of Yin Yang energy in your space. 


Did you know that we can also help you upgrade your HEALTH?!

Person playing Tibetan bowl

The Total Lifestyle Upgrade

*Upgrade Your Space and Your Health*

Experience a whole new flow of energy with our
Feng Shui and O'Snap Active Lifestyle Core 4 Bundle

Purchase our O'Snap Core 4 bundle, and we will gift you 
 one hour Feng Shui consultation 

Our CORE 4 Bundle Includes:

  • Sleep in a Snap    
    For deep restorative sleep


  • Surge in a Snap
    Clean energy without the crash


  • Reverse in a Snap
    Immune Boosting / DNA Repair


  • Complete in a Snap                    18 Essential Greens + Multivitamin

When we feed our bodies with proper nutrition, we experienced the drive and ambition to improve all aspects of our lives.

Just like our environment directly affects the flow of energy in our lives, well what we eat, the quality of our sleep and stress can directly affect the quality of our health which directly affects the quality of our life.

That's why we’re including one month of our O'Snap highly absorbable liquid nutrition, to get you living your best life TODAY! 

Upgrade to a life of ease, grace and flow by elevating your Space while elevating your Health!

Totally Upgrade Your Life and Have a

Healthy and Prosperous 2023

*All Feng Shui consultations for our Totally Upgrade Your Life package, will be scheduled after the first two week of January 2023*





Before and after Electrical Room


"Shift your space,

shift your reality."

Linda Vélez

"When you clear your view, your future becomes clear."

Linda Vélez

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